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Over the past three months, we have been working on a modern bookmarks and tabs manager.

Our browser extension is here to help you be more organized, and get things done faster when using a browser. You can save links for later, or full sessions to open in one click. It will all remain organized using boards and columns.

It is currently available on Chrome, and soon on Firefox and Safari. As of now, it can also be installed on Opera and Brave.

Here is a GIF of the 1.0 version. We are now at 1.05, however there has not been many adjustments in the layout.

Let's get into the progress of the design 🙌

We have been saving a file pretty much every time we work on it, which represents quite a few by now. Below is a bunch of screenshots and GIF I took throughout the past few months.

Hand Drawn Mockup

Here's a picture I took from a hand drawn mockup. The whole team works remotely most of the time, when starting to work on a project we always find it helpful to get a good mockup ready. It has always helped us to be on the same page.

General Board Design

At first, we were focusing on getting the functions working while using the general mockups we had put together. Even though the three dots had all the options the final layout had, we slowly improved the layout to something we felt will be easier to faster and easier to use.

Drag and dropping

This feature has been needed all along. We unfortunately ran into some issues at first, but after taking the time to fix it, it is all working smoothly now.

Saving Tabs

This has been in our minds from the beginning. Quite a few suggested changing from 'Save Session' to 'Save' and 'Save Tabs' in the dropdown. It also made it easier to get all the buttons in one row.

Icon Dropdown

We also believed the icon dropdown was quite important. It can help you save tabs or search through the ones you have already saved. Since the new tab feature doesn't work on Brave and Opera this is also what they use to save tabs and access Qlearly.  

Boards Section

The boards page has not changed much besides some small layout improvements. You can now drag and drop the boards around as well to re-organize them to your liking.

Dark mode

Finally, we worked on the dark mode which we will keep improving it over time!

Thank you for taking the time to go over this article, I hope you found it interesting!

It would be awesome to have you give Qlearly a try, or maybe send it to someone you believe could benefit from having it installed. 🙂