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We made it easy for users to create public boards. Here is a list of some of our favorites.

On Qlearly, we made it easy for you to create a public board or column. This makes it easy for you to create a curated list of resources. After receiving a few submissions, here is a list of some of our favorites:

📚 Books recommended by:

Bill Gates
Drew Huston
Elon Musk
Jack Dorsey
Jeff Bezos
Kevin Rose
Mark Zuckerberg
Naval Ravikant
Paul Graham
Tim Ferris
Warren Buffet
Best SaaS Reads

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⚙️ Alternatives To:

Alternatives to the Apple Podcast App
Alternatives to Canva
Alternatives to
Alternatives to MailChimp
Alternatives to Pexels
Alternatives to Slack

⚒ Tech Tools:

10 Developer Tools to Increase Your Productivity
15 Tools to Help You Create Better Content, Faster
180+ Business Applications for Your Relationship Stack
9 Online Learning Platforms for Quality Professional Development
Accounting & Invoicing
CRM Tools
Email Management & Newsletters
Fastest Growing Business Apps 2018
Find Your First Users
Forms & Survey Tools
Freelancing Tools
Fulfillment, Shipping & Delivery
Group Collaboration & Teamwork
Growth Hacking Tools
MVP Tools
Marketing Automation Tools
Payment Solutions & Card Swipe
Sales Productivity Tools
Social Media Management
Startup Stash
The Best Accounting Software in 2019
The Best Screen Sharing Software in 2019
The Best Free Invoice Software for 2019
The 10 Best Gmail Add-ons and Extensions for 2019
The 15 Best Email Apps & Clients
The 20 Best Sites for Finding Free Stock Photos and Images
The 9 Best Meeting Scheduler Apps and Tools in 2019
The Best Audio Editing Software
The Best Tools for Scaling Your E-commerce Business
Tools & resources for startups & entrepreneurs
Tools to Write Clean Code

🎥 Entertainment:

A list of Tech Podcasts
Movies, Documentaries & TV Shows for Founders
Interviews with Indie Makers & Founders
Top 25 Podcast Episodes of 2018 on

✌️ Others:

A list of Tech Conferences happening in 2019
Directory of sites to launch your startup
French Startups on Product Hunt
Interesting people to follow on Twitter
List of 3,800+ Tech Journalists
Online Tech Communities
Remote Job Boards
Tech Related Blogs
The Fundraising Bible

We will keep adding more to this list as we receive them.

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