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We hope that you are doing well, thank you for being interested in what we are building!

If you encountered some issues or bugs recently, the following article should help clarify everything:

  • Firefox: Unfortunately, Firefox is reviewing the code from the recent updates. In the meantime, they reverted Qlearly back to quite an old version which is causing most Firefox users to have a fair amount of issues such as syncing, or importing bookmarks not working well. Please note there is not much we can do about this until they review the code and the most recent update gets shipped. We are still uncertain of how long this will take.

  • Lost Bookmarks: Have you lost bookmarks? Don't worry they are not far away! Simply try to logout and log back in and this should fix it. If it is not the case, do not hesitate to reach out! Email:

  • Syncing: If you are trying to sync bookmarks between devices or browsers, please note this will not work well with Firefox for now. However, it should work well on Chrome and other chromium browsers. To force your bookmarks to sync, simply open a board and click on 'Settings > Sync' from the top left menu on the 1st device followed by doing the same thing on the 2nd device.

  • 'Move To' Feature: Please avoid using this feature for now as it seems to be creating a bug. We will make sure to fix this as soon as we get a chance!

  • Mobile App: Over the past two weeks we have been working on a mobile app which will allow you to save bookmarks from your phone and have them show on a column. It is now pretty much ready! Unfortunately, we will not be able to send more than 20 invites for the beta, however, if you would like to get an email once it is published you can fill the following form and simply fill out the first two field (Name and email).

  • Lifetime Discount: We have increased the limit of 100 licenses to 150 licenses only, for our lifetime plans at a discounted price. If you upgrade using the following codes, you will never be charged again. You can learn more about our pricing and the features it includes here. And here is a help center article on how to upgrade your account. For PayPal Users, you can use the following link to upgrade, within 24 hours your account will be upgraded manually. If you are already a paid user (which ever plan).

    The discount codes are:
    Premium Plan: $15 the code is 'PREM100'
    Business Plan: $30 the code is 'BIZ100'

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Thank you again for your interest in what we are building.

We hope you will like what we have been working on. If there is something you dislike, or that broke your workflow please let us know.

If you have any questions, you can find me on Twitter @GuillaumeBardet or email