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Thank you for being interested in our progress, it means a lot to us!

Over the past two months, we have been working on a lot of improvements. Unfortunately, we also ran into a few issues for the first time. Most which were a bit more complicated to fix than we originally anticipated.

Instead of pushing back the update, we went ahead and shipped it for now even if it does not include everything we wanted just yet. Over the next two weeks or so, we will keep shipping an update every few days. Every time we make a decent progress or fix something important, we will ship it right away.

  • ⚠️ Important note: If you are having trouble finding a board after the update you should still be able to access it from the top menu within a board. Simply open a board or a new tab, on the top left menu you will notice a button called 'Boards'.
  • For a list of what will be shipped in the upcoming two to three weeks instead of this update specifically, please scroll to the end of this article. Section: ⏳

Let's get into the details of everything we have been working on!

🗂 Boards page re-design:

  • Brand new dashboard with detailed settings and more.
  • You can now create folders to remain even more organized.
  • You can drag and drop boards or folders.
  • Boards and folders are now case sensitive.

⚙️ New settings:

You can now decide if you would like

  • Tabs to open in your current tab or a new tab
  • Tabs to close or remain open when you save them
  • The search to sync to all boards or the specific board you are on
  • The primary board to sync between devices or not
  • Duplicates to be saved or not
  • Pinned tabs to be saved or not

✅ Improvements within boards:

  • You can now quickly rename boards
  • We improved the column settings dropdown
  • You can move a column to a different board
  • You can quickly duplicate a column
  • We improved the card settings (The hover button on a bookmark)
  • Fixed shared boards with teammates

Regarding the card settings, you may notice that you will now have to do two clicks to delete a card. In the near future, we will add the option to bulk select bookmarks and delete them. So in the end, it would only remain 1-2 extra click instead of 2 clicks per bookmark.

Design Improvement for Columns and Bookmarks

💻 Extension dropdown:

  • You can now create a new board from the dropdown
  • You can now create a new column + rename it from the dropdown
  • Improved warning effect when saving tabs
Qlearly's Extension Dropdown

☑️ SEO & Metadata for public boards:

  • Custom link.
  • Custom thumbnail.
  • Custom title & description.
  • Custom ‘Made by’ link. (Which you can link to your site or social)

There is still a few improvements we want to make here such as easily copying the custom link, social and SEO preview etc. Here is two examples of the results:

Public Board Example:

Public Column Example:

Public Boards and Columns - Metadata

💳 Paid plans:

The paid plans are now available! The first paid plan is our premium plan, at $5 per month or $36 yearly. You can learn more about the pricing and other plans here: You can easily upgrade and downgrade at any time. We will soon work on the invoicing system.

If you are part of the small percentage that will upgrade, know that it means a lot to us and your help is what will keep the Qlearly going. We can't thank you enough!

To avoid upsetting anyone, please note that we will soon be working on ways to have some limited deals on the yearly plan and maybe even a limited lifetime plan for all of you as Qlearly would not be here without you, your support and feedback. If seeing a limited discount in 2 to 4 weeks and paying the full price today will upset you, please hold off on upgrading for now.

Qlearly's Paid Plans

⏳ Here is what will be shipped in the coming weeks:

  • Bug Fix: Anything that may come up from the update will be our priority.
  • Bug Fix: Column re-ordering, this should be shipped by April 23rd.
  • Bug Fix: Cards, tasks and notes being added in the 2nd spot.
  • Bug Fix: Improving the renaming field when editing the name of a card.
  • Bug Fix: Sharing boards with teammates.
  • Extension Dropdown: Fixing the hover effect on all buttons.
  • Extension Dropdown: Fixing the creating column and renaming issue.
  • Shortcut: For creating a 'New Task' Shift + T.
  • Shortcut: For creating a 'New Note' Shift + D.
  • Notes: Opening and closing it while staying in the same board.
  • Notes: Disabling shortcuts when writing a note.
  • Tasks: Stronger color for completed tasks in night mode.
  • Column Settings: Duplicate a column within the same board.
  • Current Tabs button: Drag and dropping to re-arrange opened tabs.

And so much more!

🗺 Roadmap:

If you got this far you might be interested in what we will be working on next. You can stay updated by visiting our roadmap. You can also submit your own suggestions or upvote your favorite so we can prioritize them accordingly.

📧 Newsletter - Qlearly Weekly Digest:

We are starting a weekly newsletter focused around sharing the most popular articles, blog posts, videos and more that were saved on Qlearly that week. A simple API pulls the 10 most popular every week and we turn it into a newsletter for you!️

Thank you again for your interest in what we are building! If you want to see how Qlearly has changed overtime, here is an article showing the design progression of Qlearly. (Last updated 5 months ago)

We hope you will like what we have been working on. If there is something you dislike, or that broke your workflow we would love to hear it. Without some of you reporting it, we will never know! You can submit your feedback, a bug you noticed or simply in touch.

You can also find me on Twitter @GuillaumeBardet.