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Thank you for being interested in our progress, it means a lot to us!

About two weeks ago we published one of our biggest update yet followed by an update to fix a few bugs. Today, the 2.5 version has been published 🚀

If you are here mainly to learn more about how to import your previous bookmarks, here is an article in our help center showing you how to do so.

To keep this article short, below is what is included in this update.

  • ✅ Importing: Easily import your previous bookmarks.
  • ✅ Shortcut: For creating a 'New Task' (Shift + T).
  • ✅ Shortcut: For creating a 'New Note' (Shift + D).
  • ✅️ Column Settings: Duplicate a column within the same board.
  • ✅ Double confirmation when deleting a folder.
  • ✅ Tasks: More noticeable color for completed tasks in night mode.
  • ✅ Night mode font issue for certain tabs in the settings section.
  • ✅ Notes: Opening and closing it while staying in the same board.
  • ✅ Notes: Disabling shortcuts when writing a note.
  • ✅ Extension Dropdown: Fixing the hover effect on all buttons.
Please note, for now you will need to hit refresh to see the bookmarks appear.

Below are some of the things we will work on next, in no specific order:

  • Login/Registration: Improved speed and social registration.
  • Pocket: Sync a column with Pocket.
  • Changing the icon for tasks and notes to the new version.
  • Column setting: Divider option to split columns to your liking.
  • Board Settings: Delete, Duplicate and more.
  • Current Tabs button: Drag and dropping to re-arrange opened tabs.
  • Notes: Duplicate notes.
  • Notes: Turning notes into a simplistic word document.

And much more!

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Thank you again for your interest in what we are building! If you want to see how Qlearly has changed overtime, here is an article showing the design progression of Qlearly. (Last updated 6 months ago)

We hope you will like what we have been working on. If there is something you dislike, or that broke your workflow we would love to hear it. Without some of you reporting it, we will never know! You can submit your feedback, a bug you noticed or simply get in touch.

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