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Hey everyone, here is to yet another update article. Thank you for being interested in what we are building.

Since our last update, we have been focusing on a few general improvements. Here are the main 3 points we worked on:

  • Upgraded to our Lifetime plan somewhere? Redeem it without your card!
  • Importing a lot of folders? We fixed the issue that did not let you scroll through them.
  • Installing Qlearly on a 2nd device? You can now login instantly (not need to create a board first).

The next two updates will include the following:

New Features:

  • Import & Export your boards (.html)
  • Edit the link for a bookmark.
  • Revoke access to a shared board.
  • Dashboard: Adding 'Duplicate' as an option for boards.


  • Dashboard: New design for the settings button showing on boards.
  • Dashboard: Double confirmation when deleting a board
  • Within a board: More detailed board remaining.
  • Fixing the issue with saving local links.
  • Finalizing the work on query optimization.
  • Simplified dashboard menu

Soon After:

  • 'Boards' button: Separating results by folders.
  • Showing boards in the search results (possibly notes as well).
  • Right Click: Remove from Qlearly.
  • Notes: Adding text editor, slash commands and more.

New Qlearly Versions & Platforms:

  • We will start to work on the Safari Version.
  • A Chrome version which does not support the 'New Tab' feature.

Paid Plans Giveaway 😎

As we would not be here without you, throughout the next few days we want to give away one full year on us for our premium plans and 50% off our lifetime plans. Simply click here to fill out a very brief form and we will be in touch.

On the top of that, we will be sending you 3 additional codes to share with anyone you believe could benefit from Qlearly as well.

This month we are also working with some wonderful companies. If you often work online, you might find some of them helpful. Pretty much all of these tools are oriented towards helping your business, or the creative work you do online.

Klokki - Rule-based automatic time-tracking.
Live Agent - Help Desk & Live Chat Software.
My Brand New Logo - Automatic logo generator.
AnnounceKit - Announce product updates like a boss.
ManyPixels - Unlimited design for a flat monthly price.
PixelSnap - Measure every pixel on your screen with ease.
Analytics Bar - Realtime Google Analytics in your menu bar.
Post Affiliate Pro - Affiliate Tracking & Affiliate Program Software.
CivicFeed - Online news, TV + social media monitoring in real-time.
Bithoven - A Crypto exchange, test your trading skills with free DOGE.
Standuply - The future of remote work. Put management on autopilot.
Blendful - Create, remix, and sell illustrations curated by a global community.

Thank you again for your interest in what we are building. If you want to see how Qlearly has changed overtime, here is an article showing the design progression of Qlearly. (Last updated 8 months ago)

We hope you will like what we have been working on. If there is something you dislike, or that broke your workflow please let us know. Don't forget to fill out the form to get a full year of our premium plan on us.

If you have any questions, you can find me on Twitter @GuillaumeBardet or email