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Thank you for being interested to learn more about The Founders Bundle.

The following list of tools represents the partners involved in the bundle. Four of them are included in your subscription (GetResponse, HelpCrunch, Vectera, Qlearly) and two others are offering you free months and credits (Twist, 1Password.

  1. GetResponse: Send emails and build an engaged contact base.

Powerful email marketing software with professional email templates, easy design tools, and unmatched deliverability

GetResponse offers a suite of email marketing tools designed to deliver tailor-made offers to your contacts when they’re most active. You can build an effective email marketing strategy in a just few simple steps, without breaking the bank.


  • Create beautiful, responsive emails in minutes
  • Put subscriber data to work in personalized messages
  • Keep track of your email performance
  • Improve with split testing
  • Connect with other tools that keep your business running
  • And much more.

Offer Details: Get 2,500 contacts included in your subscription. You can also increase your contact list at a discounted rate.

2. HelpCrunch: Customer communication for Support, Marketing & Sales

HelpCrunch is the highest-rated (4.9/5) customer communication software for support, marketing & sales.

This all-in-one tool allows you to:

  • Convert more website visitors into leads with chat automations and popups
  • Send targeted emails and automate your user engagement campaigns
  • Close sales deals faster thanks to a real-time chat and automatic email follow-ups
  • Provide 24/7 self-service, chat and email customer support

All features include Live chat, Auto messages, Email marketing, Popups, Help desk, Knowledge base, Mobile apps (please note that email features are not available in the Standard Live chat plan which you get access to thanks to the Founders Bundle).
HelpCrunch is rated 4.9/5 on average based on 300+ user reviews on Capterra, G2, Product Hunt and other review sites.

Offer Details: Get access to the Standard Live Chat plan for 1 team member (monthly or annual) with all the following included within your Founders Bundle subscription.

  • 1 chat widget
  • 3 chat auto messages
  • 3 popups
  • Help desk
  • Knowledge base
  • Full customization
  • HelpCrunch branding

3. Vectera: Better meetings and scheduling

Vectera creates persistent online meeting rooms with powerful whiteboarding and document annotation - perfect for your sales and coaching calls.

Vectera creates unique and always-accessible client video meeting rooms that store content and communication—forever. It is a zero-hassle solution that's optimized for 1-on-1 and small group meetings of up to 6 people. With no required downloads, you’re ready to launch your first meeting room right now.

The only thing your clients need is the meeting room URL and a browser. (Don't worry, everything happens on secure end-to-end encrypted P2P connections.) With Vectera’s powerful scheduling tool, your clients find time on your busy calendar without endless back-and-forth emails. All notes, documents, and recordings remain available in the virtual meeting room. For 👏ev 👏 er. You can even use your iPad, Surface, or any other tablet to annotate and draw on documents without installing any app.

Offer Details: Unlimited video meetings, powerful scheduling, recordings and integrations. All included within your Founders Bundle subscription.

4. Twist: Tame the chaos of your team communication.

Imagine a distraction-free teamwork app. Where conversations stay organized and on-topic. And where information is easy to find, forever. That’s Twist.

Twist is a thread-based Slack alternative that keeps team communication organized, on-topic & easily searchable (forever). Loved by 100K+ companies & ranked by PCMag as the #1 communication app for distributed teams.

Offer Details: $100 Off Twist Unlimited

5. 1Password: Password Manager

Why do you need a password manager?
81% of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords. To keep your information secure, you need a strong, unique password for every account. But when you have hundreds of accounts, how do you keep track of all your passwords?

That’s where password managers come in. 1Password helps you create and save strong passwords, and sign in to your accounts with ease.

Once 1Password is part of your team’s workflow, good security habits will become second nature. To help your employees keep their personal lives secure, they each get a free 1Password Families account.
Private by design

Offer Details: 3 months of 1Password free. These are for 1Password Individual accounts, and for new 1Password customers only.

6. Qlearly: A modern bookmark and tabs manager.

“I don’t want to have 100 tabs open anymore” – from a new Qlearly user

Stop wasting time looking for tabs or bookmarks. Organize them all using boards and columns.

  • Save tabs in one click
  • Create Tasks and Notes
  • Quick and unified Search
  • Powerful keyboard shortcuts
  • Multi device bookmark syncing
  • Collaborate with your teammates
  • Create public boards and columns
  • Unlimited bookmarks, boards and column  

Qlearly is here to help you save time and remain organized. As visiting your favorite sites or bookmarking new ones is such a repetitive task, saving seconds can have a drastic impact to your workflow over time.    

Offer Details: Get the business plan included in your Founders Bundle subscription.

Additionally, we wanted to give discounts for many other great tools we believe a high percentage of our subscribers could really benefit from. By potentially getting your feedback on the tools you use the most or are likely to use the most, we could see which tools should really be included within the subscription. All of this and more is what we are hoping to learn during this beta, which is currently limited at 500 subscribers.

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